Saturday, April 22

Love and hate

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
First of all I wanna say sorry, cause not online since I'm to busy to handle an event at the hotel. And so busy with Ramadhan preparation. So, my internship will be finished at earlier of May. Yeay 😀! Finally dah nak habis dah. Too much things happen, but I still can enjoying my internship day. Back to the title, its about my new internship friends and the haters that hate my new friends. 

Idk for what you hating people so much. It is you're too good and can't teach a new trainee? Sometimes I don't understand with some of people that are to selfish. Can I ask you? Uh oh, its not a deep question...

"Before you getting to smart, kau tak belajar ke? Cikgu tak tunjuk ke macam mana nak buat. Adakah cikgu kau pun Selfish jugak sebab tak bagi ilmu?"

Tho trainee datang nak menimba ilmu. It is not wrong if you giving them some ilmu. And you just only a DEMI CHEF and some of them are just a COMMIS. So no need to be berlagak sangat lah yang kau ada power. And you can't use your power to the wrong way. Wanted to respected but the way you treat people such a rubbish. Its that layak, sampah dilayan nicely? Uh oh tak lahh, I'm just cakap je 😉

So we back to the Love.
Its really good to see them enjoying their internship at Dorsett Putrajaya. But I just can pray for them to be strong woman to face the guy that so selfish, and bullying person. Wherever you go, tipulah if tak pernah kena buli, kan? Take more ilmu to the right person, take as much you wanted to take, don't be shy, don't be scared. they just a human and not god. They just a human wanted a respect but treat others like a rubbish. So just let them be. Don't ever terpengaruh dengan budak budak macam tu. Sikit pun tak boleh pakai. 

Good Luck for them, and good luck for me yg dah nak habis intern ni 😂

Last but not least,
"Its English time. Uh oh its manglish time lahhh, malay + english. Btw sorry geng, English berterabur lah. Uhukkk, okay lah tu, ada effort 😄"